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I'm Amy, and I help founders build companies.



Since I have never paid to market this site, something or someone must have sent you here. 


Maybe you're here because you're curious.


Maybe you're here because you're ready.


Or maybe you're here because what you seek is seeking you.

Your attention here is a gift, so allow me to honor that gift by attempting to provide value, first and foremost.

Here's what I know:

1. Your attention matters. You can grow something in your life or business just by spending your attention on it. Take your attention away from something and it will diminish. Your attention is magic. Your experience of reality is determined by what you pay attention to. That's why the only thing I can imagine doing with this website, with your attention in this moment, is to give you something of value.

2. You are powerful, because you have free will. Our power comes from how we deploy our free will, i.e. where we choose to spend our attention. We may not be able to control our thoughts, but free will gives us the ability to choose amongst our thoughts, and therefore, the impact of our emotions, narratives, and realities. Use your free will consciously. Use it wisely. It is the key to your liberation, and the end to your suffering. When you choose freely, you can change your brain, your emotions, your story, your life, and your reality.

3. The most exciting science behind this can be summarized in one word: Neuroplasticity. By directing your free will, you are reprogramming your brain. The act of choosing a different thought or reaction, perspective or meaning, is how you rewire your brain. The neurons that have wired together can be unstuck and reformed into new connections and patterns (this is known as myelination). I think this is the most fascinating and empowering discovery in human potential in the 21st century. (Couple this with what we now know about the reticular activating system, the theory of selective attention, and the anterior cingulate cortex, and our potential comes unmasked!)


The leader you want to become, the company and communities you want to build -- these are all within your reach. Because with your attention (aka focus) and free will (aka power), you are a force that is capable of creating. You took an idea and turned it into a business. Similarly, you can take an intention and turn it into thriving teams, growth, and revenue. You can choose. You are the designer of your human experience. You are the founder of You.

You see, our limitations are often not based in the physical -- rather, they are mental. When Roger Bannister did the "impossible" by running a 4 minute mile, he opened the floodgates for many others to do so as well. This was no demonstration of physical evolution, but rather, an update to a mental model.


You can update your mental models at any time you choose. I mean, our phones get software upgrades all the time -- why not you? What software are you running?

Where to start?

1. Gain immense and detailed awareness of what you avoid -- feelings, people, situations, etc. What we resist typically runs our life, even more so than what we crave. Identify what you avoid and avoid them just 10% less, and your life will change. You may find yourself addressing conflict, expressing your true self, and taking on greater responsibilities or risks at work. Dive in. Discomfort is the place of growth. Radical acceptance is your key.

2. Awaken your imagination. Your imagination is the most powerful, limitless tool for creation that you have. Use it! Dream, wonder, and create, all in your mind, and then bring those ideas into reality. Tap into the art of possibility, and every path will have a way. Best case scenarios are much more likely if you imagine them first. 

3. Take radical ownership over every aspect of your waking experience. By taking radical ownership over your actions, thoughts, and impact, you will soon realize your agency and power. Don't ever blame others. Make this your operating maxim, and you will never feel helpless again.

4. Manage your energy, not your time. This is the #1 secret to: productivity, maximizing your strengths, and excellence.

5. Learn how to forgive for your own sake. Holding onto grudges, big or small, hurt you in both personal and professional spaces. Saint Augustine said, “Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” This includes forgiving yourself. Forgive, and direct that energy forward.

6. Cultivate your confidence. Confidence is belief that what you do will yield a positive outcome. Ask yourself where your confidence comes from, and ensure these sources are intrinsic (i.e. my effort), not extrinsic (i.e. what you cannot control, i.e. others' approval). Confidence is about action. Do small things that challenge you every day. You will also see how strong and resilient you are. After that, it is difficult to be anything but confident. 

7. Get clear on your mission and purpose. These are not elusive enigma designed to intimidate you. Go find yours, now. Everything will fall into place when you align with your mission and purpose. Your work will gain meaning, and it will energize you.


8. Activate a positive mindset. A positive mindset can lead to a 31% increase in productivity and 37% increase in sales. That's it, you don't have to change anything else -- just adopt a positive mindset. Tell your brain to look for the positive in your life, and it will find it. And then simply decide to choose the most plausible positive thought. The more you do this, the easier it becomes. 


9. Say thank you. Not only does the emotion of gratitude shift you into a positive mindset, evacuating fear and anger from your body, it also puts you into an abundance mindset. You are appreciating what you already have, and able to reframe challenging situations into gifts and lessons. 

10. Meditate and journal. This is the fastest path to self awareness. For a person interested in growth, these are non-negotiable. Meditation is literally the practice of training your focus, i.e. your attention, i.e. your power.

You can start anytime, simply by attending to and choosing anew, again and again. By raising our awareness of existing patterns and beliefs, and intentionally redesigning & rewiring our brains, we can maximize our potential, and unleash the leaders, partners, teammates, parents that we were meant to be. We can come home to our highest selves. 


This is what I think entrepreneurship (and life) is all about. I hope you zero in on your mission and purpose, craft your strategy, and empower your people. I hope you find your gifts and spend your lifetime giving them away.

Here's to you,

Amy Jin

Mindfulness-based Coaching for Founders