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I'm so glad you're here.

This website is currently on pause. My practice has grown and evolved. I've gone through a personal transformation and now serve from my essence and my power. It's time to reflect that.

My work is distinctly interrelational and transformational, as these are the two elements that sit at the heart of Leadership Coaching. You cannot lead without relating to others, and if you're building something the world has never seen before, it will require a personal transformation in you.

Entrepreneurship is a spiritual journey. It will ask you for answers that no research, textbook, or advisor can give you. If you are lucky, you will be guided to seek the answers from within. And if the world is lucky, we'll get to benefit from your authentic expression.

You'll experience two pillars in working with me:

  1. A masterful, cultivated capacity to explore your fullest power, potential, and expression. It will feel like the wildest freedom and exalted homecoming. 

  2. Evidence-based techniques grounded in a) research and b) experience coaching the world's most exceptional leaders and leading at the world's top companies. We will work on the actual skills you'll need to be the leader you're meant to be. 

I specialize in coaching founders, co-founders, and entire leadership teams. I've:

  • Co-created and strategized with founders through from seed through Series B, acquisition and pre-IPO

  • Coached leaders through multiple crises, rocket-speed growth, and their own personal and organizational transformations

  • Helped leaders become genuinely happier, healthier, and more whole

If you'd like to hear more, including when this website relaunches, stay in touch with me by leaving your email below. I also announce the occasional offer (i.e. a coaching scholarship, workshops, talks), and share mind-blowing insights.

Thank you for visiting. If you need my bio, testimonials, resources, pitch coaching, or some early writing, they're all still here for you.

With exuberance,


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