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Amy utilizes a customized approach. A curious and acute observer of human behavior, she is a gifted listener and highly intuitive. She saves her clients time by knowing the right questions to ask. Gentle yet direct, her coaching methods focus on three core components:


Self awareness is a personal power that bears fruit for your entire life.

  • Knowing yourself will inform your life philosophy and value set. It's also the escape hatch from insanity, that is, doing the same thing and expecting different results. The questions, "Why does this always happen to me?" and "Why not me?" get answered.

  • Decision making becomes easy when you know what it means to live a life aligned with your values. You will be biased towards action because you will have a deep understanding of what any action means, and how it weighs against other options.

  • No matter who you are or what stage of life you’re in, seek to do this work. It enables all the other pieces to fall into place. It is the most essential building block of real meaning and true happiness, alignment and joy.



What's holding you back? When a full picture of the self emerges, your strengths will be as clear as your struggles. This is a great opportunity.

Fear is a signpost of exactly where we must go.


Limiting beliefs are stories that can be let go of, and transformed. They must first be carefully excavated and honestly examined. We will work through a process where you feel held and also challenged. You'll be asked to imagine a life where these limiting beliefs aren’t yours. What would such a life look like? What would it feel like? 


Sometimes, it’s as simple as giving yourself permission. Or realizing that a rule you’ve been living by isn’t actually one you endorsed yourself, but rather, have subconsciously adopted. We will peel back the layers so that we can see exactly what isn’t serving you anymore and through a practice of gratitude and self compassion, we will let them go. You will feel freer and lighter than ever before, and you will have a method that you can apply to any part of your life going forward. 



How incredible can your life be? How awesome can you feel? 


This part usually comes naturally after what has been holding you down is liberated. Suddenly you’ll feel less tired, flooded with the energy that was previously directed to living a life at odds with your true self. Your despair will turn to wonder at what else you may be capable of. With an uncluttered view of what a life free of your old stories looks like, you'll be empowered to go create it. We’ll put new tools and habits into place so that you can design a life where you’re expressing your best self, full of love, sharing the gifts you were meant to give. This takes hard work, but the rewards are tremendous.


Life becomes fulfilling when you share your gifts with others.

Feeling fulfilled is an art, and it's fueled by contribution and personal growth. 

Happiness is having meaning and gratitude.

These are the components of lasting joy. 


What you are seeking is already within you. And you are already closer than you think.​

An eternal student, my methodology is directed by:

  • Mindfulness (emotional intelligence, meditation, empathy, compassion)

  • Neuroscience (the reticular activating system, mind / body connection, neural gut network, parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems)

  • Psychology (personality & social psychology, the practice of vulnerability, the science of emotions)

  • Evolutionary biology

  • Neurolinguistic programming

  • Wisdom traditions (Buddhism, Eastern Philosophy, yoga)


If there's a voice inside you that says, there's more...

If there are gifts within you that yearn to be expressed...

A love within you that aches to be shared...

Then it's time to stop dismissing your truth, and start living it.​

Imagine the life you want, then go and create it.

To know the road ahead,

ask those coming back.


- Chinese proverb

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