I believe founders are heroes.

You’re building the future I want to live in.

You’re our planet’s problem solvers.

My role is to help you do it.


Dear Founders,


Thank you for doing what you do. 


I founded my first company in 2011. I was the proud and naive Co-Founder and COO of MEI New York, a fashion startup which empowered professional women with confidence using workwear.


I learned a lot during those two years:

  • The importance of shipping

  • How to alpha, beta, and launch

  • How to have difficult conversations 

  • How to serve your customer

  • And frankly, that I don’t have what it takes to grind through the daily toils of entrepreneurship.

But that wasn't the reason I was there. Entrepreneurship wasn't my destination. It was my rite of passage.


Because here's the one thing I learned, that changed my life:

When things got hard,

the thing that motivated me day in and day out --  

what mattered to me most -- 

was the love of making my co-founder’s dreams come true.


I didn't know what to do with this realization at the time, but it's become clear in my coaching practice now. Coaching is my raison d'être. I coach from a place of pure love.


If my 15+ years of launching & scaling first-of-kind products, growing teams and crafting culture, surviving and thriving after burn out, and dedication to a lifelong love affair with learning can be of service to you, I hope we get the chance to talk.


I hope I get the chance to help you make your dreams come true.

With an enthusiastic salute,



The Work

Amy’s leadership coaching for founders applies the latest research from mindfulness, psychology, and neuroscience to help entrepreneurs unlock their superpowers and lead consciously. 


Amy works with mission driven founders who genuinely want to leave the world better than they found it. Often, her founders are:


  • Stepping into CEO roles for the first time

  • Leading teams sized between 3 - 100 people

  • Growing into leadership, working on skills such as:

    • Confidence: identifying & leading with their strengths, listening to their intuition

    • Leading others: inspiring their teams, delegation and empowerment, soliciting and delivering feedback, creating accountability, hiring, firing, building company culture

    • Executive communication: with their co-founders, direct reports, the company at large, clients, investors, and board

    • Self care: integrating personal ambitions with their company’s, avoiding or recovering fully from burnout

    • Growth & creativity: dismantling limiting beliefs and building new mental models, hitting growth goals faster, protecting make time, overcoming what they avoid, developing new habits 

In 2019, Amy coached two clients to profitability, and three clients to growing their teams 3-4x.


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