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Hi, I'm Amy 

I left my dream job at Google to live a life aligned with my highest purpose.

After a dozen years in a high pressure, achievement-focused career, I burned out. I took a leap into the unknown, looking for more. I knew it was out there. And I found it.  

Life is not a race.  

It's about giving your gifts.

Joy is in every moment.


My unique talent is that I see the best in people.  

My life's work is to help them see it too, and to support their journey in reclaiming their best selves.

My gift lies in my broken open heart. I give my joy, energy, and love when I coach and facilitate workshops.

I help people find their purpose, reclaim their health and perform at their best, and heal from heartbreak. 


I am passionate about women and helping them turn their unique skills and talents into advantages.

Amy Jin

Your life is meant to be enjoyed.


As a coach, Amy gets to focus on what she's always loved most: people. The go-to for her friends and colleagues, she's been coaching all her life, but only recently knew what to call it. People hire her because:

  • Her approach to asking questions and solving problems is holistic and aimed at the foundation. She understands the root of the matter, which is why her framework for uncovering purpose is so powerful.

  • Her experiences as an entrepreneur and her familiarity with the demands of Silicon Valley make her adept at coaching founders.

  • She is a fierce proponent of advancing women leaders, and understands how to nurture feminine self esteem and power.

  • A survivor of burn out, she can harness a vast array of practices that regenerate energy, bring the body back into balance, and result in sustainable peak performance.

  • A first generation immigrant, and having lived abroad twice, she's able to naturally empathize with people from many backgrounds and cultures.

  • One to wear her heart on her sleeve, she draws from the wisdom of a broken heart to counsel men and women healing from heartbreak, guiding them back to wholeheartedness, and to the partner they've been waiting for.  


Amy works with people who wonder:

 Your questions have answers.  You don't have to go it alone.


Through her contemplative and spiritual journeys, she's learned that fear is only as powerful as its illusion. Through her self care and gratitude practices, she's found lasting joy and inner freedom. This is her life's purpose - to share what she's been given, so that anyone can have access to a life free of fear, and full of love.

Amy Jin Coach
Amy Jin
Amy Jin Coach


"I had the great fortune of having Amy help me get through a very difficult time in my life.

"Amy is the kind of coach whose genuine positivity and empathy will quickly put you at ease and develop the trust you need in a confidante. She is a keen listener who balances empathy with objective and constructive analysis in a non-judgmental way, and is able to identify root causes and effects of the relationship troubles I was having.

"Amy's fierce desire to help and her system of facilitating change jolted me into action and helped me to deal effectively with the anxiety and pain I was struggling with. (To be honest, I've actually tried other coaches in the past year, and none have the seemingly natural / innate ability that Amy has.) 


"Only in a matter of three months, I can confidently say that I'm on a path of finding true happiness and greatness in the relationship I have been seeking my entire life. Don't hesitate to reach out to Amy, if you want an affirmative and life-changing perspective."

- T, age 42, San Francisco

"Work with Amy and the first thing you'll notice is that she is alive, altruistic, positive and enthusiastic. It's infectious. If you want to feel more of these things, you're in the right place. Amy listens closely and speaks with empathy. She is an explorer of the terrain of her own psychology, and a traveler who's eager to learn about the world. Altogether, she is a wise being.


"For me, Amy interprets my thoughts and actions and presents deeper connections that unveil why I am behaving in a certain way. She raises questions I hadn't thought to ask myself. This approach gives me a sense of calm and wonder. She makes it possible to imagine a better future for myself, and just as meaningfully, to experience it with fun instead of fear. And when I'm stuck, Amy challenges and nurtures me.


"Since I started working with Amy in October, I've made tangible progress to making my dreams come true. Along the way, I've become more loving and true to myself. A stronger endorsement, I cannot give."

- W, age 35, New York City

"Amy combines personal knowledge and research with a warmly intuitive, perceptive approach to create an individualized program of development. With her guidance, I have been able to better tap into my inner sources of joy and energy, which have then become the fire lighting my path towards self acceptance, understanding, and growth. Beyond all this, time with Amy is a truly a delight and I find myself looking forward to our sessions all week! Thank you Amy!"

- L, age 31, San Francisco



Amy holds a B.A. in Psychology and Legal Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. Led by her lifelong love of food, she became the youngest member of the OpenTable Sales team, where she excelled as an award-winning top performer. After OpenTable's IPO, Amy made her first foray as an entrepreneur. While working full time, she co-founded MEI New York, a fashion startup which was featured in Women's Wear Daily, Nylon Magazine, Daily Candy, and picked up by Gilt and Shopbop. 

Simultaneously, she was recruited by Google, where she spent 6 years building and launching first-of-kind businesses, including Google Offers and Google Pay (née Android Pay, Google Wallet, and Hands Free.) In her last role at Google, Amy was responsible for merchant partnerships across EMEA and a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events.  

Amy is an avid meditator, rigorously trained negotiator, and a RYT 200 certified yoga teacher. She's completed a 10-day silent meditation retreat, and various other contemplative programs such as Search Inside Yourself and Date with Destiny. A multi-faceted seeker, she also holds a Competent Crew certification from the Royal Yachting Association. 


Amy has traveled to 46 countries, and lived in some of the world's best cities: London, Rome, San Francisco, Bali, Chengdu. She currently resides in New York City.

Amy Jin Coach

"What you seek is seeking you."

- Rumi

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