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Mine is the ability to see and articulate yours, clearly and concisely.


You've founded a company for a specific reason, based on your unique background, perspective, and experiences. There is a compelling, rare, and fascinating reason for the culmination of you. Expressed succinctly, this has immense value. It is a key ingredient to your secret sauce.

I help founders identify and align to the power of their story, because that's where the magic of pitching begins.

A good pitch compels others to action. It answers the question, WHY MUST I INVEST NOW? Not tomorrow, not next month, and not after you reach x milestone; NOW. A good pitch also requires passionate delivery. I thrive in coaching founders on charisma, confidence, and overcoming nervousness.


You will get founder-tested, fail-proof, science-backed TOOLS and TIPS to master your body language, voice & tone, and energy to draw people in and enroll them in your vision.

You can become the leader everyone can't help but follow.


"Amy has a gift."

Let me show you how.


Mikhail Kokorich

Founder & President

YC S18, Raised $8.3M seed round

"Amy did a great job by helping me to practice my pitch and also giving recommendation how to improve it. It was especially valuable, because english is the second language for me, and she helped me to use my accent and my personality as a differentiator."


“I had great pleasure working with Amy for about one week as part of my preparations for a big demo day. She helped me focus on my strengths and the uniqueness of our product and turning that into our pitch which has tremendously helped us in our fundraising journey and beyond! She really sees through your character and makes you focus on what makes you unique, what makes you special and how to turn your personal story into a powerful message. I can only recommend to reach out to her and experience her energy and incredible natural perspective on the world by yourself!”


Borui Wang

Founder & CEO

Forbes 30 Under 30

Raised $11.5M Series A

“Amy identified and significantly improved key communication and concept gaps in our rather complex series A pitch deck. She’s observant to subtle communication cues during pitch practices and would bring high energy discussion to brainstorm alternative ways to frame ideas. I’d recommend her not only as a pitching coach, but communication coach in general for any high stake conversation you will have in your startup journey”.


Sophie Baron


"Your presentation and feedback were simply - for lack of a better word - amazing. I went home that night and had a total wake up call that the only person not taking me seriously is... me! I feel like a completely new person. And the feedback I got on my next pitch practice was fantastic - and most importantly, I felt a lot more confident and stronger presenting it. Thank you for all of your insights and generous tips and help. It was such a pleasure meeting you and I hope our paths cross again in the future."


Scott Burke

Co-Founder & CEO

Techstars, Tachyon

“I feel very fortunate to have been able to spend time with you this past week. Thank you so much for being so generous with your expertise and energy. It was truly an honour to work with you. Once the nuances of the pitch were ironed out, my nerves and the size of the crowd were the "final boss" I had to tackle. The tips and tricks you shared for that along with your visualization exercise really helped me get over that final hurdle. They'll continue to help me throughout my career. Again, I can't thank you enough. 🌠🙌🐣🤘


Aaron Mandell

Founder & CEO

YC S17

"What you do is truly amazing - being an entrepreneur is, at the core and almost by definition, a tremendously solemn journey that often results in severe self-doubt and in many cases depression. You have a gift - an ability to see the signal, our source of energy, from which I remained aligned in the most difficult of times."

What Founders Say



Amy specializes in seed and Series A funding. Her clients have won pitch competitions, successfully closed rounds ranging from $xM-$xxM, and pitched on TV shows such as Shark Tank and Meet The Drapers.  She's frequently called on by founders preparing for fundraising, pitch competitions, demo days, and customer pitches.


Amy's the secret weapon for accelerators, incubators, founder communities, and pitch contest event producers. They hire Amy to polish their portfolio companies into diamonds. Amy has an uncanny talent to bring out the best in founders in high-stress situations so that the true innovation behind their ideas are showcased when it matters.


Amy teaches pitching to MBA students at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School and was recently the Entrepreneur / Coach in Residence at WeWork Labs. She's also worked with:​


Amy also gives back by donating her pitch skills to non-profits. She's worked with the fundraising team at Americares, training their major gifts team to raise money, and the high school entrepreneurs from Quarter Zero. To this day, the teenagers have been the toughest crowd. She is especially proud of this testimonial:

"We had the amazing opportunity to have Amy lead our Pitching Masterclass for our young entrepreneurs. She was incredibly skilled in how she presented the workshop & engaged every person in the room, creating a fun, interactive and inspiring experience. To quote one of our students, Amy was "one of the best guest speakers [they] had seen." The greatest part about having Amy teach our Pitch Masterclass was that at the end of the experience, each student was able to take something away as a lesson learned. In fact, Amy received a unanimous 5/5 rating from every single student in both of our cohorts -- something we have never seen before.


Many of our students felt nervous about their upcoming pitches for Demo Day, but Amy brought such life and energy into the workshop that they came out feeling more confident and had direction on how they wanted to present themselves!"  -- Ren Liu, Program Operations Manager, Quarter Zero.



Amy's experience leading Business Development for Google’s emerging products in London, Mountain View, and New York has been integral to her techniques and approach. By leading diverse teams at both scale and alpha stages, she honed her skill of translating product benefits to non-technical audiences, across domestic and international cultures. Her pitching prowess enabled Google to launch Google Pay in its first international markets in record time.


Prior to Google, Amy won every sales award at OpenTable. She's also had experience pitching customers and press for her own fashion startup. Amy has pitched products and industries that do not yet exist, to fortune 100 CEOs as well as mom and pop businesses. She knows how to make a connection across cultures and build symbiotic, lasting partnerships.

Amy has been a member of Toastmasters, taught mindfulness & public speaking workshops, and was intensely trained by leading coaches and experts on communication. She was the preferred trainer for numerous sales and business development teams at her workplaces. She has had more than 10,000 hours pitching and relishes the opportunity to share her expertise with founders. 

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