Amy speaks for the 54 sci-entrepreneurs of this accelerator program. Panacea Stars collaborates with the most exciting life-science and biotech early-stage startups to help transform visions into thriving companies. Partners include McKinsey and Co., Innovate UK, Cancer Research UK, Baillie Gifford, and J A Kemp. Panacea Stars is run out of the University of Oxford.

Annie Fitzsimmons interviews Amy Jin and Phil Rosenthal, star of Netflix's Somebody Feed Phil and creator of Everybody Loves Raymond. AFAR is the world's leading travel media brand that inspires and guides travelers to have deeper, richer, and more meaningful experiences.

5 Mindfulness Tips to Get Through COVID-19

Chances are, you’re reading this at home, where you’ve been social distancing or quarantining for weeks. Your daily life has undergone a great change, and new information is flooding in every day. 

The “new normal” is an oxymoron, and you may feel drained just trying to keep up. Processing your daily experience, in addition to the state of the world, is a feat in and of itself.  It can be bewildering, scary, overwhelming all at the same time.   

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the present moment without judgment. That may sound simple, but its ability to provide us with agency, perspective, and compassion can give us exactly what we need in these uncertain times.

What Is "Burning Out" Telling Us About Our Relationship With Work?

We do not spend a single day without hearing the word burnout. From seeing adverts on the tube for magic anxiety pills to hearing colleagues mention it in the office, it is everywhere. I wanted to learn more about what burning out exactly means, what people experience, how they cope if it affects their view on work-life balance.

To answer these questions, I interviewed an ex-Googler who left her dream job after burning out; an entrepreneur who’s been through burnout and is now building his business around mental health; and an artist who’s been living through her third burnout in three years.

Even though the people I talked to are from various backgrounds and profiles, their stories had many similarities. The common threads are about finding balance, speaking regularly to a therapist or a coach, and our society's unhealthy addiction to work.

The word ‘burnout’ is clearly being overused. So much so that it becomes confusing. When a colleague says "I am burning out", does it mean they need a break? More sleep? Are they anxious? Or are they on the verge of a physical and mental breakdown?

5 Questions to Help You Reformat Your Life This Decade

For some people, New Year’s resolutions are a way of life. Maybe you have a shortlist on your phone or maybe you made a spreadsheet outlining your strategic goals and key performance indicators. Maybe you are someone who thinks the entire thing is a whole bunch of hoopla. Either way, as we enter a new decade, it is important to sit down, reflect, and ask yourself some tough questions. Think of life as a drive-through — you do not want to be the person stuttering “Can I get … uhhhhh.” You want to know exactly what you want so that life can hand it to you.

Amy Jin, a life coach, speaker, and leadership coach for founders in New York City, spent the first 13 years of her life working in tech and climbing the corporate ladder. She started a retail fashion startup with her best friend. She built teams and launched products for Google internationally. She was living the “dream” but did not know how to take care of herself or ask for help. After a really bad case of burn out landed her in the hospital, she decided she wanted to take some time off to learn what her purpose in life was really about. “I was willing to work hard and dedicate my life to something, but I wanted to know what that something was, and I wanted it to be centered around serving others,” says Jin. Burn out often means that we are overextending ourselves and failing to check-in. We forget that taking care of ourselves is a beautiful necessary act of selfishness. I spoke with Jin to get a rundown on what we should be asking ourselves daily to make the most of this new decade, stay grateful, and avoid burn out.


The 26 Best Podcasts Hosted by Women

Considering the current state of the world, we could all benefit from an escape from reality—if not literally, at least figuratively. Whether you’re seeking a binge-worthy true crime investigation, a lesson on the women history forgot, or voices of reason offering earnest advice, we’ve got you covered. (For additional recommendations based on what your friends and influencers listen to, we suggest that you check out the new Goodpods app.)

Below is our lineup of the best women-hosted podcasts—some newly launched, others hundreds of episodes deep—that will make you laugh and make you cry, and let you zone out for a while.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Studies have shown that practicing meditation can promote healing, both physically and emotionally/psychologically for cancer patients. Mindfulness Leadership and Coach, Amy Jin, joined hosts Victor Gonzalez and Izumi Nakano to discuss the importance of mindfulness and how meditation can help lymphoma patients and their loved ones slow-down during an incredibly stressful time in their lives.


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