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My coaching journey began with one goal in mind: to help women rise in the world, raise their voices, and shape the world to their image. It has been a deep honor to serve female founders who are making the world a better place and building such incredible places to work.

However, it hasn’t escaped me that coaching is not financially inclusive. One of the ways I am trying to make coaching more financially inclusive is by starting my podcast, Straighten Your Crown, to share insights broadly across our community. 

Another way is by offering this scholarship, which has been possible thanks to a client of mine, Wei Deng, CEO & Founder of Clipboard Health, who made a very generous donation. She said, “Your coaching has done so much for me, and I’d like to pay it forward.” So Wei has so generously donated 3 months of coaching to early-stage female founders, and I have matched her donation with an additional 3 months. 

So today I am so honored and excited to offer you this 6-month coaching scholarship.

"I want to give a shoutout to Amy Jin who helped me ask the best questions about myself and my relationships at work and at home. From her coaching over four months (and kudos to my cofounder Brian Liou who suggested working with her), I grew enormously and I faced the tough decisions I hadn’t had the courage to make.


Amy Jin was there for me. No judging. Careful listening, pertinent questions, and guidance towards the inner truth. She helped me peel off layers and layers of shame and fear and people-pleasing.


I love you, Amy Jin. It’s been three months since I decided to be free and face my insecurities with compassion and wisdom. Since then, I have found new ways to express myself and my love of people and social impact right from my home.


If you are a female founder, especially if it’s your first time, reach out to Amy. Maybe you realize that you need the coaching. Maybe money is holding you back. She has a scholarship for BIPOC founders."

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